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Public Holiday Timetables

Premier Illawarra will be operating the following timetables during the Christmas and New Year Period.

Temporary Change to the Route 35 from 13 December 2021

As of the 13 December 2021 the route 35’s will have a slight variation to the direction taken.

Due to the Unanderra station upgrade works being undertaken the route 35 will no longer be able to access the station bus stop.

To access the station alternative stops will need to be used. They can be found here.

The route 35 will be diverting via Central Rd, L) Blackman Pde, R) Hargreaves St, R) Maynes Pde, R) Central Rd and returns to the hwy.

Passengers for Unanderra station will need to use the bus stops at or opposite Unanderra Shops on the Hwy.

This is a temporary change to the route that will be in place until December 2022.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Minor Changes to School Services Effective Monday 1st November 2021

Minor changes to school services for the following schools:

  • Keira and Wollongong High School
  • Corrimal High School
  • Mount Brown Public School

The changes only involve minor adjustments to pick up and drop-off zones at the schools.

Please check the school listing for updated information on the trips

Gong Shuttle Services Updates

As of Monday, 2nd August 2021 the Gong Shuttle will return to the regular Monday to Friday and Saturday timetables. The normal timetables resuming are available below:

View Route 55A timetable

View Route 55C timetable

Gong Shuttle COVID Restriction Reduced Timetable

Due to Current COVID Restrictions, the free Gong Shuttle bus service is now operating to a Sunday timetable Monday to Friday. This will be in place until Monday, 2nd August 2021 presently. This date is subject to change as the COVID restrictions change and update.

Gong Shuttle Services Updates from Saturday, 3rd July 2021

Starting Saturday, 3rd July 2021 Gong Shuttle services operated on Saturdays will have a change to operation. Services will now operate every 20 minutes between 9:00 AM and 5:20 PM. See here for new timetable.

Find Your Lost Property - 4th March 2021

If you have lost something, you need to report your lost property to 131500 or on https://transportnsw.info/contact-us/lost-property#/

Public Holiday Timetables

Premier Illawarra will be operating the following timetables during the Christmas, New Year and Australia Day Period.

October 05th, 2020 – Labour Day - Public Holiday

Sunday timetable applies.

Upcoming changes to the route 32, 51, 53 & 75

As of the 25/10/2020 the Route 32 will operate of a weekend, the route 51 has had running times adjusted and now operates 30 minutes earlier of a weekend, the route 53 will now operate via Shell Cove Shopping Centre and the route 75 has had a route adjustment and will now operate Via Albion Park for both directions.

October 05th, 2020 – Labour Day - Public Holiday

Sunday timetable applies.

Route 10 diversions - roadworks

Commencing Monday April 27, 2020 all route 10 services will operate in a single direction over the “North Wollongong” loop.

All services will travel via Foley Street (R) Porter Street (R) Crawford Avenue (R) Gipps Street (L) Foleys Street over this loop.

Please see attached map for details.

Uralba St. Closure - roadworks

From the 27/04/2020 buses that travel on Uralba St. Figtree will be forced to Divert due to the road/bridge works occurring. The diversion will be in place until 24/08/2020 (approx.) see PDF For details of which buses are affected and diversions taken. The lines in red are the diversions taken while the roadworks are occurring.

ANZAC Day (25/04/2020)

ANZAC Day (25/04/2020) will be operating to a Sunday/Public Holiday timetable.

Cashless fares

Timetable For: GOOD FRIDAY - Friday, 10th April 2020

Download here.

Information and advice on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the latest information, please visit https://transportnsw.info/news/2020/information-advice-on-novel-coronavirus-covid-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with the company's responsibilities under Workplace Health and Safety Laws to ensure a safe workplace for all employees, Premier Illawarra has established guidelines as a precaution regarding entry to buses and its depot/office.

All customers and visitors should NOT enter buses or the depot/office if you have:

  • been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
  • come into contact with anyone affected by Coronavirus;
  • travelled to countries with a government risk rating of High (Mainland China, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea) or Moderate (Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand) in the 14 days prior to the proposed date of entry;
  • come into contact with anyone who has travelled to countries with a government risk rating of High or Moderate in the 14 days prior to the proposed date of entry;
  • symptoms of the common cold which may include cough, sore throat, low-grade fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing.

Should you have any questions relating to these guidelines, please contact NSW Health website.

Thank you for your understanding.


Public Holiday Timetables

Premier Illawarra will operate the following timetables during the Christmas, New Year and Australia Day period.

  • Christmas Day - Christmas Day Timetable plus Sunday / Public Holiday Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C.
  • Boxing Day - Boxing Day / New Year’s Day timetable plus Sunday / Public Holiday Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C.
  • New Year's Day - Boxing Day / New Year’s Day timetable plus Sunday / Public Holiday Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C. Please note that additional services on the Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C will operate from 18.00pm to 23:00pm on New Year’s Eve December 31, 2019.
  • Australia Day January 26, 2020 - Sunday timetable including Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C services with extra Gong Shuttle services from 12 Noon.
  • Australia Day Holiday January 27, 2020 - Sunday/Public Holiday Timetable.

We’re rolling out contactless transport payments on all buses

From Monday 16 September 2019, Opal readers on your bus will be updated to read contactless payment cards.

What to expect

You will be able to start tapping on and tapping off with a credit/debit card or linked device to pay for your trip - the same as you do with an Opal card.

Accepted cards and devices

Most American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, debit cards and linked devices (like phones and watches) can be tapped on and tapped off to pay for travel.

Fares and pricing

Customers will be charged an Adult Opal fare when they tap on with a credit card, debit card or linked device. To access Senior/Pensioner, Concession or Child/Youth fares customers will need to keep using a valid Opal card. If a customer taps on with an overseas-issued card, their issuer may charge foreign transaction fees.

Tapping on and tapping off

Customers should always separate their cards to ensure the right one is charged. Tap on and tap off with the same card or device to get the correct fare.

Card or device not working

This means there is an issue with the card, or a device linked to the card they are trying to use. Customers will see a ‘card not valid’ message with an error number on the Opal reader. Customers should take note of the number they see on the reader and jump on transportnsw.info for information.

Find out more at transportnsw.info.

Changes to school buses
Monday 12 August

There will be adjustments to some school bus service times for Illawarra Christian School.

Route Where to catch your bus
S122 Shellharbour Depot to Illawarra Christian School via Albion Park now departs at 7.30am

This service will now depart 15 minutes earlier.

For more details, visit transportnsw.info and search for 'School travel'.

Timetable adjustments commencing Monday July 1, 2019.
Routes 31, 33, 34, 35 and 57.

Customers are advised that due to operational requirements two morning trips on Route 31, one morning trip on Route 33, three morning trips on Route 34, two morning trips on Route 35 and one morning and one afternoon trip on Route 57 have been adjusted to commence by up to 10 minutes earlier with the afternoon Route 57 scheduled to complete the trip 10 minutes later than the current timetable. Attached are the new timetable changes in red with yellow highlights for your information.

Opal fare changes from 24 June

As of Monday June 24, Opal fares will increase in line with the Consumer Price Index while the weekly cap will be reduced to $50 for adults and $25 for children and concession holders.

The CPI fare adjustments will cause daily caps to increase slightly while the Senior/Pensioner Gold Opal won’t change and will remain at $2.50 for all day travel, any day of the week.

The fare increase information is now live on transportnsw.info, available here https://transportnsw.info/news/2019/opal-fare-changes-from-24-june

For any enquiries, please refer to transportnsw.info for the most up to date and relevant information.

Bus service adjustments from 30 June

Route 32 will be adjusted to provide connections to Wongawilli on weekdays during the morning and afternoon peak. Plan your trip at transportnsw.info

Premier Illawarra Easter timetable changes

Premier Illawarra will operate the following timetables over the Easter period:

  • April 19, 2019 – Good Friday - Limited service timetable please contact 131500 for details.
  • April 20, 2019 – Easter Saturday - Saturday timetable applies.
  • April 21, 2019 – Easter Sunday - Sunday timetable applies.
  • April 22, 2019 – Easter Monday - Sunday and Public Holiday timetable applies.
  • April 25, 2019 – ANZAC Day Thursday - Sunday timetable applies.

View full Good Friday timetable.

Free Gong shuttle reduced services on Sundays

Routes 55A & 55C will reduce services on Sundays from 1st July 2018. The new service will run from 9:40 to 17:20.

School Route Number and Name Changes from Monday 2 July 2018

All School route numbers and names will be effective from Monday 2nd July 2018.

The new numbers will ensure that school buses are easily identifiable. All new school bus numbers will start with a capital 'S' and be followed by a new 3 digit bus number, e.g. S100.

You can access further information in the following ways:

Route 59 Cancellation

Route 59 will cease service at midnight on the 15th June 2018 due to cancellation by Transport for NSW.

2018 Easter Services

Premier Illawarra will operate the following timetables over the Easter period:

March 30, 2018 Good Friday Limited service timetable, please contact 131 500 for details.
March 31, 2018 Easter Saturday Saturday timetable applies.
April 1, 2018 Easter Sunday Sunday timetable applies.
April 2, 2018 Easter Monday Sunday and Public Holiday timetable applies.

Christmas and New Year's services

Premier Ilawarra will operate the following services over the Christmas period. Please download to view.

Download timetable for Christmas Day services

Download timetable for Boxing Day and New Year's Day services

Premier Illawarra wishes its customers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

New Year’s Eve Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C services

Services will operate from 5PM with the final trips commencing at Wollongong University at 11PM - the Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C services will operate every 10 minutes on New Years Eve. Prior to 5PM, the Gong Shuttle will maintain the normal 20 minute services which operate on a Sunday.

Route 75 - Stockland Shellharbour to Tullimbar and Calderwood

It is with pleasure that Premier Illawarra announce that a new bus service Route 75 will commence operating from Stockland Shellharbour to Tullimbar and Calderwood on a Monday to Friday basis from Monday November 27, 2017.

The service will travel via Oak Flats station in both directions and follow Tongarra Road before turning into Tullimbar at Broughton Avenue to Tullimbar Public School travelling back to Wongawilli Street then following Yellow Rock Road into Escarpment Drive on to North Macquarie Road and Calderwood Road before rejoining Tongarra Road and returning to Stockland Shellharbour.

The timetable for this service is listed in the timetables on our website.

View timetable

Route 59 - Novotel North Beach to Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park

Commencing Monday October 30, 2017 a new bus service will commence operating between the Novotel North Beach and the Illawarra Regional Airport Albion Park to coincide with the introduction of interstate flights by Jetgo.

The service will be limited to six stops after departing the Novotel North Beach. Those stops are Wollongong Railway Station (eastern side), Warrawong Plaza, Windang Bridge (North side), Warilla Junction, Stockland Shellharbour, Oak Flats Railway Station and then Albion Park Regional Airport Terminal.

Timetable information is available on our website or from transportnsw.info

View timetable


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