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Tri The Gong Sunday March 18 2018 Route 3 and 8 Alterations

From 6.00am until 11.00am the following roads between Flagstaff Hill and Rothery Street, Corrimal will be closed. Cliff road, Bourke Street, George Hanley Drive, Squires Way, Pioneer Road.

The 8.20am only Route 8 service will travel normal path until Carroll Road, Towradgi then (L) Lake (L) Parker Rd (R) Murray (L) Cawley (L) Rothery (L) Park (R) Railway (L) Memorial Drive (L) Towradgi (R) Carters Lane resume route.

The 7.30am and 09.30am only Route 3 services will travel carters lane (L) Towradgi (R) Memorial Drive (R) Railway (L) Park (R) Rothery (R) Cawley (R) Murray (L) Parker Rd (R) Lake and (R) Carroll and resume route.

All other Route 3 and Route 8 services operate normal route paths.

Tri The Gong Sunday March 18 2018 Route 59 and Gong Shuttle Alterations

From 6.00am until 4.00pm the following roads between Flagstaff Hill and Elliotts Road will be closed. Cliff Road, Bourke Street, George Hanley Drive and Squires Way.

Route 55c Gong Shuttle Services will operate normal route path to Elliotts Rd then (R) Cowper (R) Bourke (L) Montague (R) Ajax (L) Flinders (L) Bourke (R) Kembla / Corrimal to Burelli St then resume route path.

Route 55a Gong Shuttle Services will operate Corrimal / Kembla Sts (L) Bourke (R) Flinders (R) Ajax (L) Montague (R) Bourke (L) Cowper (L) Elliotts then resume normal path.

Route 59 will commence and terminate at the first bus stops in Bourke Street to the west of Kembla St intersection (temporary Gong Shuttle signs).

No change to Route 65 path.

Tri The Gong Saturday March 17 2018 Route Alterations

Due to Tri The Gong activities in Marine Drive on Saturday March 17, 2018 Marine Drive Terminus will be closed between 05.30am and 17.30pm.

The last stop for all route services in Burelli Street will be at the Ipac.

Buses will then travel (R) Corrimal (L) Stewart (L) Harbour and (L) Burelli St to the Steelers bus stop which will be the terminus and commencment point for all route services.

Premier Charters Route 2 will be impacted by these alterations.

Christmas and New Year's services

Premier Ilawarra will operate the following services over the Christmas period. Please download to view.

Download timetable for Christmas Day services

Download timetable for Boxing Day and New Year's Day services

Premier Illawarra wishes its customers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

New Year’s Eve Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C services

Services will operate from 5PM with the final trips commencing at Wollongong University at 11PM - the Gong Shuttle 55A and 55C services will operate every 10 minutes on New Years Eve. Prior to 5PM, the Gong Shuttle will maintain the normal 20 minute services which operate on a Sunday.

Route 75 - Stockland Shellharbour to Tullimbar and Calderwood

It is with pleasure that Premier Illawarra announce that a new bus service Route 75 will commence operating from Stockland Shellharbour to Tullimbar and Calderwood on a Monday to Friday basis from Monday November 27, 2017.

The service will travel via Oak Flats station in both directions and follow Tongarra Road before turning into Tullimbar at Broughton Avenue to Tullimbar Public School travelling back to Wongawilli Street then following Yellow Rock Road into Escarpment Drive on to North Macquarie Road and Calderwood Road before rejoining Tongarra Road and returning to Stockland Shellharbour.

The timetable for this service is listed in the timetables on our website.

View timetable

Route 59 - Novotel North Beach to Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park

Commencing Monday October 30, 2017 a new bus service will commence operating between the Novotel North Beach and the Illawarra Regional Airport Albion Park to coincide with the introduction of interstate flights by Jetgo.

The service will be limited to six stops after departing the Novotel North Beach. Those stops are Wollongong Railway Station (eastern side), Warrawong Plaza, Windang Bridge (North side), Warilla Junction, Stockland Shellharbour, Oak Flats Railway Station and then Albion Park Regional Airport Terminal.

Timetable information is available on our website or from transportnsw.info

View timetable


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