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Premier Illawarra operates direct school bus services to many schools in the Wollongong Illawarra areas.

New South Wales Travel Passes

Most students residing in New South Wales are eligible to apply for free bus transport to and from school. Such transport is provided only after presentation of an appropriate travel pass to the driver upon boarding the bus.

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Application for Travel by Eligible Students

Parents/Guardians must apply for a new travel pass in any of the following circumstances:

  • When the student has changed schools.
  • When the student has changed residential address.
  • When the student is moving from Year 2 to Year 3 at the same school.
  • When the student is moving from Year 6 to Year 7 at the same school.
  • When the student repeats a school year.

An "Application for Travel by Eligible School Students" form is obtainable from your school or the office of Premier Illawarra. After obtaining the signatures of a parent/guardian and the principal of the school, the completed application is processed by Premier Illawarra on behalf of Transport for NSW. A laminated Travel Pass is then issued by Premier Illawarra to the appropriate school for distribution.

Bus Pass Application Form

You can obtain a Bus Pass Application form, one required for each student, from the administration office at the student's School.

Use of Pass Issued to Eligible Students

School travel is only available between home and school for school attendance and is available on school days only.

Passes are not transferable and must be shown on demand. Therefore all students are advised to carry their Travel Pass with them on all school days. Students must present their Pass to the driver upon boarding or to a driver or inspector when requested.

Tickets Available for Students not Eligible for NSW Passes

For those students not eligible for Transport for NSW Travel Passes (for example Primary School students who live less than 1.6km radial distance) from the school or High School students who live less than 2km (radial distance) from the school ordinary sectional concession fares apply.

Withdrawal of Travel Passes

Transport for NSW reserves the right to withdraw a Travel Pass if investigation shows the student to be ineligible. Following notification to the parent/guardian, any issued pass must be surrendered to the school principal or Premier Illawarra and subsidised travel cease immediately.

Replacement Passes

Should a bus pass be LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED a replacement pass is available from our office upon completion of the appropriate application form and payment of $10.00 (including GST).


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