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We’re rolling out contactless transport payments on all buses

From Monday 16 September 2019, Opal readers on your bus will be updated to read contactless payment cards.

What to expect

You will be able to start tapping on and tapping off with a credit/debit card or linked device to pay for your trip - the same as you do with an Opal card.

Accepted cards and devices

Most American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, debit cards and linked devices (like phones and watches) can be tapped on and tapped off to pay for travel.

Fares and pricing

Customers will be charged an Adult Opal fare when they tap on with a credit card, debit card or linked device. To access Senior/Pensioner, Concession or Child/Youth fares customers will need to keep using a valid Opal card. If a customer taps on with an overseas-issued card, their issuer may charge foreign transaction fees.

Tapping on and tapping off

Customers should always separate their cards to ensure the right one is charged. Tap on and tap off with the same card or device to get the correct fare.

Card or device not working

This means there is an issue with the card, or a device linked to the card they are trying to use. Customers will see a ‘card not valid’ message with an error number on the Opal reader. Customers should take note of the number they see on the reader and jump on transportnsw.info for information.

Find out more at transportnsw.info.


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