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Please Have Exact Fare Ready

Premier Illawarra’s drivers cannot change large notes, so please be sure to have the fare ready in coin or small notes where possible. This will help to reduce boarding delays and help you get to your destination quickly. Fares are displayed at the front of the bus. View our Current Fares.


Children aged 15 years and over are required to pay the standard adult fare unless travelling to and from school in school hours. Where age may be in doubt, proof of age is the responsibility of the child or an adult fare will be charged.

Concession Fares

Concession fare authority cards must always be shown to the driver or a full fare may be charged. Premier Illawarra accepts a variety of transport concession authority cards issued by NSW State Government agencies and the Commonwealth Government through Centrelink. Sorry, we cannot accept Health Care Cards as a transport concession, nor can we accept cards issued for exclusive travel on State Transit buses and ferries in Sydney and Newcastle.


Tickets are issued for all fares paid. Please retain tickets until the end of your journey. An inspector may board a bus at any time to check tickets. When boarding the bus always advise the driver of your final destination.

School Travel Passes

These are issued by Premier Illawarra on behalf of the NSW Ministry of Transport. Application forms may be obtained at your school or at the Company office. Lost or damaged passes can be replaced upon application at the Company office for a fee of $10.00 (including GST).

Most students living in NSW and travelling to and from school are eligible for free travel upon presentation of a NSW Travel Pass. Free travel is available only on school days between the hours indicated on the Travel Pass. Click here for more information on Free School Travel Passes.


Fares and Sections

How Much?

Cash fares charged on Premier Illawarra’s buses are based on the sectional fare guidelines issued by the New South Wales Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry specifies the maximum fare which may be charged for a given section. Sections must average 1.6km in length over the entire length of a bus route, but may vary between 1.3 and 1.9 kilometres.

Bus companies may choose to set fares below the Ministry limits and, with the exception of the first section, all Premier Illawarra’s fares are below those restraints.


Current Fares

MyZone fares (Effective 6 January 2013) :

Single cash ticket fares Adult Child/Concession
MyBus1 (1-2 sections) $2.30 $1.10
MyBus2 (3-5 sections) $3.70 $1.80
MyBus3 (6+ sections) $4.60 $2.30

Travel often? Pre-purchase your ticket before boarding and save:

Pre-purchased MyBus TravelTen fares Adult Child/Concession
MyBus1 TravelTen (1-2 sections) $18.40 $8.80
MyBus2 TravelTen (3-5 sections) $29.60 $14.40
MyBus3 TravelTen (6+ sections) $36.80 $18.40

Pre-purchased MyMulti Day fares Adult Child/Concession
MyMulti Day $23.00 $11.50

Pre-purchased MyMulti weekly fares Adult Child/Concession
MyMulti1 $46.00 $23.00
MyMulti2 $54.00 $27.00
MyMulti3 $63.00 $31.50

Pre-purchased MyMulti Monthly fares Adult Child/Concession
MyMulti1 $175.00 N/A
MyMulti2 $206.00 N/A
MyMulti3 $246.00 N/A

Pre-purchased MyMulti quarterly fares Adult Child/Concession
MyMulti1 $484.00 N/A
MyMulti2 $567.00 N/A
MyMulti3 $676.00 N/A

Pre-purchased MyMulti yearly fares Adult Child/Concession
MyMulti1 $1,748.00 N/A
MyMulti2 $2,052.00 N/A
MyMulti3 $2,444.00 N/A


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